Ship Name:Mako
Class:Economy Class Fighter
Speed:550 SLU
Buy for:N/A
Sell for:N/A

Please note: There's no information, or picture of the Mako provided in the manual, so the stats above (Except speed) were estimated by comparing the chart to other ships, and I extracted the picture above from in-game, and I've tried to match it to scale with the rest of the ships, but they're probably both slightly off.

Nothing to rave about. Average to low ratings except power, only two weapon slots, and only two CPU slots (Plus Afterburner and Afterburner Reserve slots.) You can't actually buy or sell this ship. You get it as a giveaway when you are booted out of Sol, and you are given 8500 cr. for it when you choose either GalSpan or Bora. Incidentally, if you use the RAGTAG cheat, you can buy and sell the Mako for 0 cr. Gee, if I could only find a car dealer with the same pricing system, I wouldn�t need a buspass.